eNVD Creation- Saleyard

Here we will help you create and direct an eNVD for a saleyard transaction

To ensure your eNVD is being consigned to the correct Saleyards, follow the below actions:

  1. In the "Movement information" tab navigate to the “Where are they being transported to” title.
  2. Proceed to find the Saleyard PIC that correlates with the Saleyards that your livestock will be traveling to and select, this can be done using the dropdown menu.

    Please note: Sometimes search terms are not obvious (such as the ability to enter “Bendigo Saleyards” and not receive a result. Whereas, a search for “Bendigo Livestock Exchange” will result in the correct saleyard PIC being sourced. This is shown in the GIF below). So please ensure you have the correct PIC your consigning saleyard.