Producer eNVD Creation

Here we will help you create an eNVD as a producer.

When completing an eNVD, you will need the following information:

  • Your Property Identification Code (PIC)
  • Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) user ID and password

This eNVD can be completed on mobile devices or desktop computers. 

  1. 2.To get started, head to and login using your LPA credentials.
  2. In the top right hand corner, click Create new consignment.
  3. Then choose if you want to create a new consignment from scratch, select Create from scratch or Use an existing template.
  4. Enter Movement information details. This includes where the livestock are moving to and from. Also, enter the date of movement (this eNVD allows selection of movement dates up to 28 days in the future). Once all Movement information is entered, click Next step
    NOTE: ensure the Sale Yard PIC is correctly entered for the movement of the livestock. This is located under the “Where are they being transported to” heading. In the dropdown menu select the Sale Yard and ensure it is the correct PIC. Additionally, if using an Agent Lead Admin/Self sufficient stock agent, ensure to uncheck the “Livestock are being consigned to the same location” box, and select desired Stock Agent with their correlating PIC from the dropdown menu.
  5. Then select the Species that will be moving (e.g. Bobby calves, Cattle, Goat, Sheep/Lamb) and select Next step.
  6. Now, select the livestock forms you will require. Your consignment must at least contain a LPA NVD. Select the LPA NVD and any additional forms and click Next step.
  7. Click Add livestock description and complete the description sections. You can sign your forms or draw your brand using your mouse or finger (on a touchscreen device). Click Save and once complete click Next
  8. Now complete the History, Food Safety and Chemical/Treatments sections (all questions are the same as the paper version of the forms selected). Using the Next button to proceed.
  9. Following this, the Declaration/Consignment will appear for you. Complete given questions and sign in the provided space (you only need to sign once and the signature is applied to all required areas). Once details are complete, click Next
  10. The Transporter details now appear. This is completed by the transporter themselves, either on your mobile device or a printed version (however, this section can be completed up to 48 hours after submission, if required). Once completed, click Save.
  11. Once complete, click Submit in the top right hand corner. This will take you to the Consignment Summary page.

Refer to link to watch an instructional video on eNVD completion.