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Setting your General Ledger Accounts (GL's)

AgriNous has a recommended Chat of Accounts that are set as defaults for our Master Rules. This process will assist users in mapping these accounts with their Xero lists.

We strongly recommend that you engage your accountant on this process, making sure that all credits/debits derived from the AgriNous billing tools are sent to the locations that are intended. 

Settings > Billing

Viewing the list of General Ledgers in the Billing Table allows users to map or create ledgers in AgriNous (default accounts) with the Xero chart of accounts.

This screen shows users' GL account codes in AgriNous billing rules and if that account is mapped to a corresponding ledger in Xero.

Users can also export a CSV list of all codes. 

Tools are also available to create new accounts in the opposing systems, e.g. to create accounts in Xero that already exist in AgriNous or Create accounts in AgriNous that exist in Xero. 
This is completed by clicking the multi-select button "Create New Account."

NOTE: It is recommended that when users are making changes in this area of the application they make contact with our support team if they have any questions.