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Xero Integration FAQ's

A few summary FAQ's to help understand the limitations and processes of the AgentNous <> Xero connection.

  1. How to disconnect from Xero
    1. If you want to disconnect your Xero account, please go to Settings > Integrations and select the 'Discount from Xero' button.
  2. Integration Limitations
    1. Integration limitations can best be understood by viewing the Data Flow diagram.  
  3. How do I reconcile Transaction data synced to Xero?
    1. Transactions are reconciled using native Xero tools; AgentNous provides feedback on reconciled activities in the Money screen.
  4. When and how does data sync occur?
    1. Data is synchronised persistently through interactions in the application using WebHooks and will update data in line with the Data Flow diagram when information changes.
  5. How to perform a manual data sync.
    1. A manual data sync can be run from the Money screen by clicking "Sync Now" at the top of the page.